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cover van CD: A Teddy Bear's Picninc & All that jazz

CD kopen: A Teddy Bear's Picknick & all that jazz

€ 12,50 
  1. On the sunny side of the street
  2. Happy feet
  3. Can anyone explain
  4. Saint Thomas
  5. The man I love
  6. I'm forever blowing bubbels
  7. The teddy bear's picnic
  8. The world is waiting for the sunrise
  9. I can't believe that you're in love with me
  10. Out of nowhere
  11. Back home again in Indiana
  12. When it's sleepy time down south
  13. Caravan
cover van CD: As Time Goes By & all that jazz

CD kopen: As Time Goes By & all that jazz

€ 12,50 
  1. No moon at all
  2. My blue heaven
  3. Cantaloupe Island
  4. Love for sale
  5. Lover come back to me
  6. Khosn kale mazeltov
  7. As time goes by
  8. When I take my sugar to tea
  9. Body and soul
  10. It don't mean a thing
  11. This masquerade
  12. Isle of Capri
  13. Mitzvoh tatz mit der kaleh
  14. I found a new baby
  15. Lullaby of Birdland
  16. 'Round midnight